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Hotline: 400-810-0360 (available by mobile or telephone)

We will try our best to provide you the information about Bayer products, but we can't propose any specific diagnosis and treatment suggestions for patients' conditions. If you have any discomfort after medication, please go to see your doctor and receive timely medical treatment.

If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. treating physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority, Inquiries can also be directed to:

If you observe adverse event after Bayer Animal Health product application, you can transfer the information to us directly by:

Promote Social Inclusion
Promotion of social inclusion is one of the focus fields of Bayer in fulfilling its social responsibilities. It performs its duties by offering support to the handicapped, the elderly, patients and other vulnerable groups. Such a move is to promote their living standards, facilitate their fusion into the society, and eliminate the discrimination and prejudice held by our employees and the public against these groups.
Bayer China Volunteer Association has conducted relevant activities in many places including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. As a flagship program caring for the handicapped, the “Bayer Eyes in Heart” Cinema Program has been operated in Beijing for over 10 years. Volunteers from Beijing Branch of Bayer China Volunteer Association will arrive at Hongdandan Blind-Assisting Institution in the morning of the second Saturday of every month to tell the visual impaired a film story.
(Bayer Volunteers is telling the visual impaired a film story)
Volunteers in Shanghai established a care program for the mentally handicapped at dedicated schools. They held “unified race” activities, and also led these special students to join the social life, feel different vocations, and visit public facilities like science museum and library, etc., helping them build up their confidence.
(Bayer Volunteers are doing “unified race” with special students)
Bayer’s volunteers from Guangzhou Branch arrived at Xinsha Village hit heavily by leprosies; offering their concern to the recovery of leprosies patients and making more people abandon their prejudice. Sustainable voluntary services bring care to the patients suffering discrimination for the disease. Our diversified fusion activities also include leading the children from school for the blind to contact with little animals to reduce their negative sentiment due to isolated life.
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